Make-Your-Own Calendar!

I recently moved ​into a new house, and I wanted a new calendar. (Okay, I didn’t have one before, I was going to try  and be organized with bills and plans and things!) After searching for a while, I couldn’t find one I really liked so I decided to make my own. Hobby Lobby has a whole section of empty calendars with stickers based on each month and paper to go along with it! It was very easy to find everything! I kept the decorations pretty small because I didn’t want it to be too heavy to hang on the fridge! I posted the pictures of each month below. Let me know what you think!

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Monkey Bread

 I made this Monkey Bread for the first time last weekend at the request of my son. He had been at a friends for a sleep over and this is what he had for breakfast and then came home and told me I have to make this. I asked what it was he had and of course being 12 he had no clue except it was good and looked like a cake. So I called to get the recipe. It was so easy to make and tasted amazing.

Monkey Bread 1

Monkey Bread
10 min               COOK TIME: 30 min               SERVES: 12
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Old Frame, New Art

A few weeks ago my boyfriend and I were on our way to the cities to visit his brother and to see some of my friends from college. Anyways, we had some time to kill and we stopped at a few shops to look around. I was inspired by a picture frame with twine to hang the photos on. Although, I wanted to make my own.
I was able to find an old picture frame at Secondhand Splendor downtown and everything else I was able to get a Jo-Ann Fabrics…because they had sent me a 20% percent off coupon earlier in the week!

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General Tso’s Chicken Salad

If you love General Tso’s Chicken then you need to try this delicious salad. This is one of my go to meals when I need to get a meal on the table and I don’t have much time before needing to be someplace. I love you can have it on the table in 15 minutes and it tastes like you have been cooking for hours.
General Tsos Chicken Salad  3

General Tso’s Chicken Salad
PREP TIME: 5 Minutes          COOK TIME:  5-15 Minutes*          SERVES:  4 – 5
*5-10 minutes if chicken is thawed. 10-15 minutes if chicken is frozen
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inStyle with Abby: Two Dollar Score

Capture instyle walmart

Aside from my dedicated thrift store routine, I have a method of hitting up the clearance racks at most retail stores. I go to my size and quickly flip through. Most of the time I don’t even find anything. But oh those glorious days when I do!

Step 1: Find clearance accessories first. Clearance accessories will take an outfit that you already have and transform it into a better or alternate version of the same look, giving it more life.

Right now is a great time to buy clearance scarves. Retailers think that we are all rearing to go for summer wardrobe shopping, however the reality is that its 30 degrees outside. (Jokes on them.) If you purchase a clearance scarf today, you will have time to wear it now, plus it will still be fashionable next Fall.
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Scrapbooking has always been something that my mom and I enjoyed doing. Growing up, I would scrapbook all of my major trips with marching band or others things we took a lot of photos of!

Since I started college and moved out of my parent’s house, I haven’t done much of it however; my mom recently went on a scrap booking retreat with her mom (my grandma). They both were able to dedicate three days to scrap booking. My mom was able to finish my life until my college graduation. Here are a few photos of the pages she did for my Bemidji State graduation ceremony!
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inStyle with Abby: Dress Mommy Challenge Reflection

About a month ago Bethany Wesley, the editor of inMagazine, forwarded a blog post to Abby Randall that was written by Summer Bellessa of Babble, where she let her 3-year-old son, Rockwell, choose her outfits for five days. (Read that here.) The results are absolutely adorable!

After briefly chatting about how fun (scary) this challenge would be, they decided to just go for it and commit to FIVE days! Here’s a summary of days 1-5:

Day 1-5 Outfit Challenge

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