My own ‘Cut for a Cause’

With all the buzz around the office during the creation of our Spring article ‘Cut for a Cause’ (written by Jillian Gandsey) a new impulse to donate my hair came over me. And for those of you that don’t know me that well, my hair is usually kept very long and rarely trimmed more than an inch at a time…I’m kinda a wimp about it.

However, the meaning of the story impacted me. I realized that, like many women in our community, I could be faced with the situation of not having hair at all. Plus, I wanted to prove to myself that generosity was more important than appearance. So, I felt compelled to do this.  I made an appointment to see my hairstylist.

Here goes… Before:

During: (got some highlights too)

Tah dah! After:

What a great feeling!. 10 inches lighter! (we went with the Pantene Beautiful Lengths program).

Do you have a story of hair donation? Share it with us, send it to


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