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Dress Mommy Outfit Challenge – Day 1

Dress Mommy Outfit Challenge – Day 1

20150316_095230 DAY ONE


 A Little Background Information: About a month ago Bethany Wesley, the editor of inMagazine, forwarded a blog post to me that was written by Summer Bellessa of Babble, where she let her 3-year-old son, Rockwell, choose her outfits for five days. (Read that here.) The results are absolutely adorable!

After briefly chatting about how fun (scary) this challenge would be, we decided to just go for it and commit to FIVE days! Here’s our day 1!

Bethany’s Experience of Day One: 
My 6-year-old (Lola) zeroed in on the fancier dress clothes right away, quickly flipping through non-twirly skirts and going straight for this one. Lola picked out, too, the black over-shirt. She picked out black leggings for underneath because, well, I told her I wouldn’t go out with bare legs. So she had her choice between leggings and tights.The 3-year-old (Millie) chose the tank top for underneath, choosing red over black and light green. Not that it shows, really.

Millie also got to choose the jewelry, zeroing in on the necklace (which has gold and black) and a golden ring. This was different for me because I have a “thing” about wearing gold jewelry.

Millie also got to choose the shoes. Which, I admit I kind of cheated at, offering her a choice of three different boots: tall black, short black and short gray. I wear these boots at least three times a week so nothing new here. But I promise to not cheat too much going forward!

All in all, I’d probably wear this, more or less. It’s pretty similar to how I usually dress. Abby is MUCH more fashionable than I am and really all I think about when I usually get dressed in the morning is whether it’s comfortable and whether it mostly matches.

This should be an interesting week!

Bethany’s Predictions:
I won’t get to wear pants even one day this week. And I’m guessing the sparkles are coming out very soon….Also, I doubt that they’ll pick green for Tuesday. So I’ll probably be not very St. Patrick’s Day-y.

Abby’s Experience of Day One:
I brought my almost 3-year-old daughter (Audrey) to the closet and told her to choose anything she wanted for mommy to wear to work tomorrow, within 2 seconds she chose this flowery button up shirt. I thought, well ok that was easy. She then took a second glance at a black blouse with white butterflies but confirmed the flowery button up was the one.

I placed about 5 pairs of work pants on the bed (three black, one grey, one hot pink skinny jean, and a brown). I fully expected her to pick the pink skinny jeans but no, she quickly chose the grey slacks as if they were the only clear decision.

We then moved to the jewelry and she again immediately choose a gold and pearl looking necklace that I bought from Target a few years ago.

All in all, I would say this is a pretty conservative outfit, I think I would even pick it out myself. I was also shocked at how it only took her one minute to put it together. (It would have taken me three outfit changes and a total of 15-20 minutes, at least).

I think she was kind of confused about this whole experiment at first, but as the week goes on I expect the outfits to get a bit more wild. Stay tuned!

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  1. Laurie Swenson

    March 17, 2015 at 2:27 PM

    You both look cute! I’m psyched for what your kids come up with as the week progresses. What a fun idea!

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