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Dress Mommy Outfit Challenge – Day 3

Dress Mommy Outfit Challenge – Day 3

Day Three

Bethany’s Experience of Day Three:
Today’s outfit is all about the shoes. The iridescent, sparkly blue/pink “princess” shoes. (No surprise there for me, I knew they’d come out at some point this week…)

For the record, I wore tall black boots at work today. I don’t even think I could walk all day in these shoes anymore. Ha.

I did something a little different for this outfit in that I let my older daughter pretty much pick out the whole look. I tried letting the younger one pick out accessories, like necklaces, and the shoes, but they “ruined the look” as the 6-year-old said, and there were some tears. And I’m a pushover. I want it to be fun for them too.

day three shoes pic monkeySo the older daughter picked out today’s look and I hope to have the younger one do all of tomorrow’s, mainly because she wanted a pair of boots that I would love to see what she would possibly put them with… We will see.

This outfit is pretty OK. It makes me laugh, that after yesterday’s long cape thing, I’m wearing its shorter sibling. Lola was insistent on that the vest needs to cover the flower at the top of the shirt. Personally, I think the flower is what makes the blue leggings/tights kind of match, so I’m letting you see just a hint of it.

I do kind of like the necklace, the pop of color (and it matches the shoes!), but the earrings are not my favorite. I used to wear them, very sporadically — much like the shoes, but they’re really not very “me” anymore.

Also, the headband/wrap thing I took off.

But the rest of the outfit, as a whole, isn’t terrible. I’m starting to think our kids much notice how we dress ourselves usually and have this picture in their heads as to what make us “us” and are dressing us accordingly? I’m shocked this hasn’t become more crazy.

Abby’s Experience of Day Three:
We tried to choose an outfit last night but Audrey just wasn’t in the mood so we decided to wait until morning. As we stood in front of my closet this morning she again wasn’t that thrilled (she tends to be a bear in the mornings) so I did what any mother would do, I bribed her. With a cookie. (I should probably apologize to my daycare lady Heidi for that)

After the cookie talk, she perked up and grabbed the butterfly shirt. She didn’t like it yesterday but today it was her favorite (oh the mind of a 3-year-old).  After mentioning the jewelry she asked me to lift her up so she could see the necklaces hanging on the top hooks. She picked out a gold and black necklace but it wasn’t quite “perfect” enough as she put it. She settled on the gold one with two tone green gems as pictured. She liked this necklace so much that I could barely get her to concentrate on the pants. She just grabbed a pair of black pants and tossed them over. Same went for the green tank top.

I put the whole outfit on a hanger and asked her if it was her final choice, “uh huh”…then I asked again… “uh huh”. I asked twice because I was shocked at how normal this outfit looked…was this a fluke? Or is she really that good at matching?? Or did she just REALLY want a cookie?

I even took photos of the closet, stacks of pants and jewelry just to prove that I’m not cheating. Take a glance at those crazy teal Aztec print skinny jeans… I’m surprised I’m not wearing them!

Prediction For Tomorrow:
Later on at breakfast she said “I can’t find that dress” …ummm… (ok folks, I know which one she is talking about)…its the one I haven’t worn since 2004. The one I really hope I’m not wearing tomorrow.

Audrey’s options for today:
photo 2 (4)photo 1 (8)

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