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Style Profile With Danielle Leclaire

Style Profile With Danielle Leclaire
by Jillian Gandsey

Danielle Leclaire’s love for makeup has grown over the past year after she realized she didn’t exactly know how to apply her own. After watching YouTube tutorials, it’s become her passion. The up and coming makeup artist isn’t putting a ton of pressure on herself, but is enjoying the ride that may eventually become a full-time gig. We sat down with Danielle over coffee and chatted about everything makeup.

So you do makeup on the side? I’m not very well established yet, so I haven’t been doing as much work as I’d like to be doing, but I’ve been working with a photographer on Sundays doing makeup for her shoots. She’s new. She just moved here. I think last year and she’s trying to build up her photography business at the same time so she met up with me because she needed a makeup artist for her shoots. She does beauty and boudoir type stuff.

When did you really start getting into makeup? I kind of had always naturally enjoyed doing it. Then probably about a year ago, I realized I like really don’t know how to do my makeup, so I just immersed myself in studying and then I was like, “I really like this!” And sort of really fell into it.  

How would you say that you studied it? YouTube, seriously YouTube tutorials. I learned everything from tutorials and I subscribe to a lot of makeup artists. What are some of your favorites? Chrisspy, Manny Mua, And Jeffree Star. Honestly, I think my kind of schtick with makeup is I use just pretty much all drugstore stuff so I kind of wanted to advocate for the people who don’t have a lot of money and want to still look like their makeup is professionally done. I get all my stuff from, like, Wal-Mart.  

One thing you couldn’t live without in your makeup bag? I’m thinking everything! I was thinking like something with my brows, like my brow pomade or something, but I can always work around that. One thing I couldn’t live without would probably be … my brushes. It’s really hard to apply your makeup well if you don’t have decent tools. 

Do you do your makeup everyday? If I have time. I wanted to do it before the interview but I didn’t have enough time. I probably do it a couple times a week. It takes me like over an hour to do it.

Do you follow seasonal trends? A lot of my makeup is mood-based so I’m not the greatest at following seasonal trends but I know that fall is darker shades, like golds and browns. Summer is the really bright pastel colors. If I’m in the mood, I’ll do it, but normally I’m just like, “I just want to look like this today.”

What is your style overall? It’s kind of punk-hippie I guess. (Laughs) I think that’s the best way to describe it. 

If you had an unlimited amount of money to spend on makeup, what would you buy? I would probably get some really nice foundation. I totally need some foundation, some good stuff.

In terms of celebrity makeup, who inspires you? Marilyn Monroe, but that’s everybody’s. There’s tons of people. But I like Kat Von D. I liked the darker sort of vampirical, punky-type looks.

What’s your philosophy on makeup? Just do what you want to do. Fads don’t really matter. There are no rules. Do your thing. You do you.

Where does your inspiration come from? Instagram. Definitely. My whole feed is just makeup stuff. I’m following a bunch of makeup artists on there. Funky weird stuff is always on Instagram so you can find the interesting types looks. 

Do you have an end goal? It would be really cool to do this full-time to be able to film tutorials and work around here doing events and stuff like that. That would be really cool. Whatever happens, will happen. I don’t really have high expectations because I just do it for fun. I’d be doing this regardless if I was making money doing it or not. 

Do you do makeup for a lot of your friends? Yeah. Every time one of them comes over, I’m like can I do your makeup?
Do you film tutorials yet? I was. I was filming them on my phone but it’s really hard to film tutorials on your phone. I was doing it with a front facing camera. I want to get a little camera so I can start uploading better tutorials. I want to be able to edit them and stuff because 20 minutes for a brow tutorial, nobody wants to deal with that. 

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