3 meats, 7 meals: The recipes

In the Fall issue of in, Larisa Severson, a member of the in consulting committee, shared with readers how she likes to work on Sundays to prepare the bulk of the meals she will feed her family throughout the forthcoming week.

We published much of that information in this Fall issue, but we couldn’t include all of it. Below, you will find the full grocery list and the complete recipes.

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Video: Character Challenge Course

In the Summer issue of in, John Andringa captures from the first person his experiences at the Character Challenge Course Co. near Park Rapids.

John, with a group of friends, spent an afternoon at C4 last month as he traversed the high-ropes course, took the plunge on the 3G Swing, and made a real “Leap of Faith” from atop a telephone pole.

His in piece truly is a great read — and the photos (by Jillian Gandsey) are fantastic.

But John also created a video of his experience here which showcases the elements — and the views! — from within the Character Challenge Course.

‘in’ is out!

Copies of the Summer 2014 issue of in have now been distributed throughout the region!

The latest issue of in, featuring the Bemidji Axemen on the cover, was distributed with the Pioneer on Tuesday and stacks of copies have been placed at local businesses throughout the greater Bemidji region.

If you missed it, or would prefer to read it online, you can view the magazine in its entirety right here. That link also includes access to archived issues of the free lifestyle magazine, published quarterly by The Bemidji Pioneer.

Three features in the 36-page magazine tease you right back here, to this site, where we have bonus material complementing those pieces.

That extra material includes:
Michelle’s complete eyeglass makeover
Meet baby Macy
Tips for a successful pet adoption

Thank you for reading! And, as always, we not only welcome, but encourage reader feedback. Leave us a comment or feel free to reach us through email: inmagazine@bemidjipioneer.com

Tips for pet adoption

In the latest issue of in, Brandon Mustful, executive director of the Beltrami Humane Society, shared with our readers a “happy tail,” a successful pet adoption involving a kitten now known as Black Jackie.

As our readers and their families perhaps consider whether pet adoption is right for them, Brandon suggests that they discuss the following five points.

1. Time. Do you have enough time to commit to your new pet? Dogs need to be fed two to three times per day, and both dogs and cats need a constant supply of fresh water. Dogs and cats need direct attention every day to be healthy. This attention may include training, exercising, grooming, playing, or lap time. Plus, newly adopted animals may need extra time for bonding during the first few weeks.

2. Space and supplies. Is your current residence well-suited for your new pet? If you are a renter, does your landlord even allow pets? If you are adopting a dog, you should consider what size dog your home can accommodate. Do you have a fenced in yard? If you live in an apartment you will need to have an outdoor area, like a park, nearby so you can exercise your dog. There also are some supplies you will need to pick up even before you get your pet, such as a collar and leash, a crate or carrier, a pet bed, food and water bowls, toys, treats, a brush or comb, and possibly a baby gate.

3. Financial commitment. Can you afford all the expenses that come with having a pet? Animals adopted from your local shelter may be spayed/neutered already and up-to-date on vaccinations, but you will still need to pay for routine veterinary care, licensing, training, food, and supplies. You may also have unexpected costs due to accidents or illness.

4. Getting along with others.Do you have other animals at home? Or small children? You need to consider how your other animals will react to a new pet. You also need to find a pet that will be comfortable around your animals and children.

5. Lifelong commitment. Can you commit to your new pet for its entire lifetime? Cats and dogs can live up to 20 years or longer. As their owner, you are responsible for their care for their entire lifetime. Have you considered what you will do if your lifestyle changes or you need to move? Do you know how you will care for your pet when you travel?

Adopting a new companion is sure to be the start of a happy journey for you, your family and your pet. Follow our tips and you will ensure a smooth transition for your pet from the shelter into your home and family.

For more on the Beltrami Humane Society or to view pets available for adoption, visit the site here.

Issue No. 2!

The second issue of in will be out next week!

Copies of in, a complimentary lifestyle magazine published quarterly by The Bemidji Pioneer, will be inserted into Tuesday’s Pioneer and be made available at retailers throughout the region around the same time.

A couple of features in the magazine will tease you right back here, to this site, where you can find some “bonus” material (scroll down below this post).

Happy reading!

(Once you’ve spent some time with the magazine, send us an email: inmagazine@bemidjipioneer.com — we’d love to hear your thoughts.)

Meet the baby!

In the latest issue of in — the Spring 2014, which is set to be distributed March 11 throughout the region — we sat down with a pair of first-time parents-to-be, in a slight nod to Mother’s Day, which is May 11. We interviewed Jenna and Clark Palmer in early February as they awaited the birth of their daughter.

Since the interview, the couple has welcomed their daughter safely and happily into this world, and we here at in are very honored to announce to you the arrival of little Macy.

Photo courtesy Misty Moments Photography

We asked Jenna to send to us a little recap of Macy’s birth and share a few thoughts on her first few weeks of mommyhood.

From Jenna:

“We named her Macy Marie. She was born February 14th at 3:04 in the afternoon. She was 5 lb 4 oz and 18 and 3/4 inches.

“Delivery didn’t go as planned, we ended up with a c section but (a) huge thank you to the nurses and doctor for being so wonderful our entire 6-day stay. They sure made things so much easier.

“The sleepless nights are getting easier now. It doesn’t take long to adjust to one-hour or two-hour naps throughout the day and night.

“As far as likes and dislikes. Macy enjoys her swing and being held. The only thing she really doesn’t like is being left alone.

“Her personality is starting to show through. She is becoming more vocal. Crying more and making noises when people talk to her.

“Macy is getting used to eating now. We had a hard time with breast feeding or any feeding for that matter in the beginning because she is so little. The first two weeks are the toughest with breast feeding that’s for sure. She now knows what to do.

“Macy is much more alert and makes many funny faces.

“We are truly enjoying her and being parents.”

Thank you, Jenna (and Clark), for sharing your story and your daughter with us. Congratulations on your new family!

It’s here!

The first issue of in has arrived!

Copies were delivered this morning to the Bemidji Pioneer and will be distributed to businesses throughout the greater Bemidji region beginning tomorrow (Thursday).

in is a free lifestyle magazine, to be published quarterly, that celebrates community, life and family in north central Minnesota.

The premiere issue features a cover story on Buena Vista Ski Area and other articles on ice fishing, holiday decor, Ojibwe feasting traditions and suggested technology limits for children. It also offers tips on finance, fashion, fitness and work-life balance.

Planning is underway for our second issue, to publish in March, but we always welcome feedback and content suggestions: inmagazine@bemidjipioneer.com.

5 tips for improving your fitness in the New Year

These five tips for improving your fitness in the New Year come from Justin Cox, who submitted to us our first “in shape” column for the Winter 2014 issue of in, which is being made available Thursday throughout the greater Bemidji area.

1. Start slow.
You have more than 12 weeks left in your lifetime. There is no reason to cram all of your efforts into one short timeframe. Too often, people start hot and heavy and fizz out before a month or two has gone by. The best program is one you can do consistently for the long run.

2. Focus on strength.
Get stronger with large, full-body movements such as the barbell dead lift, bench press and-pull ups. These exercises will strengthen the entire body, give you a huge bang for your buck time- and energy-wise, and make your fat-loss efforts work better.

3. Be efficient with your time.
If you honestly only have 20 minutes to work out, then work out for 20 minutes and be done. Workouts do not have to take an hour per day. I, personally, only work out about a half-hour most days.

4. Be consistent.
The reality is there is no perfect program. They all will work. What will separate a workout that works from one that does not is your ability to consistently do it. If you only work out once every couple of weeks, you will not see results.

5. Focus on nutrition.
You can get twice the results from your fitness routine with half the effort if your nutrition is dialed in. Focus in on lean proteins, healthy fats, fresh vegetables and healthy carbohydrates at every meal. Don’t forget to drink half your bodyweight in ounces of water every day.

Justin, a certified strength and conditioning specialist, is the owner and founder of Elite Performance & Fitness in Bemidji. To read more from him, you can find his blog at http://elitefitnessbemidji.com/

This is the week!

After months of planning and weeks of working to put it all together, we are excited to unveil our first cover!

The premiere issue of in — a free lifestyle magazine to be published quarterly — will be available later this week at businesses throughout the greater Bemidji area.

Once you’ve spent some time with our first issue, please let us know what you think and if you have ideas for future content: inmagazine@bemidjipioneer.com

Happy reading!