Gift in a Cup

For the past few weeks, I’ve been searching Pinterest and YouTube recently for a craft that used coffee cups but also could be a Christmas gift. I had four barely used coffee cups. (We used them for the hot chocolate photo shoot for the latest in Magazine!).

Originally I had the idea to fill the cup up with different things needed for the hot chocolates. Not finding what I wanted at the store, I ultimately purchased a small bag of festive candy cane coffee along with assorted peppermint and chocolate candies. I made the cups look a little more cute with a piece of tissue paper and a “Merry Christmas!” tag.


Faux Flowers

My mom enjoys decorating with fake flowers and is constantly looking for new ways to show them off. Fake flowers are so easy (since they don’t require watering or any work like a real plant does) but they are great to fill up an empty corner or shelf.

The two pictures are both items that my mom has filled with fake flowers. The yellow vase I painted at Glazed and Amused in downtown Bemidji. I had no clue what I would actually use it for. I brought it home and immediately started digging through her bags of flowers. The ones we selected were too little for the vase, so we shoved some paper towels in the base to raise the flowers up in height.

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About Ori

Welcome to my inMag blog! I’m new to the area and will be sharing some of my experiences and happenings in and around the greater Bemidji area. Stay tuned, I’ll be posting every other Monday!

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Orianah Fast is a member of the inMagazine committee and has volunteered to post about her experiences, life, and creativity. Her views do not represent the view of the Bemidji Pioneer and are solely her own.

Holiday Blocks

While searching Pinterest, I came across this great idea.

I loved this idea because it would be an overall generally easy project but it would also be able to be used during both the fall/Thanksgiving season and winter/Christmas time. I set out in search of blocks after trips to several stores and some online searches, I found what I was looking for at Ben Franklin. Ultimately the blocks together, make the the final project larger than I expected. I’m hoping to give it to my mom and she will find a place for it in her home.

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Chicken Enchiladas w/ Green Chili Sour Cream Sauce

It’s no secret my family loves Mexican food. However my kids do not like Enchiladas in red sauce. So I was on the hunt for a white sauce recipe. I came across this one and gave it a try. It looked easy to make and the sauce was white. It turned out great and they loved it.

Chicken Enchiladas with Green Chili Sour Cream Sauce / Mexican Rice with corn

Prep Time: 25 min   •   Cook Time: 25 min   •   Servings: 4

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Eggs Benedict

I happen to love Eggs Benedict and only ate them when we went out for breakfast. I thought making Hollandaise sauce was way out of my league. I then noticed the Hollandaise sauce mix packages at the store and thought I would give one a try and choose the Knorr brand of Hollandaise sauce. I had used the Knorr brand of sauce mixes before and have been pleased with the results. What did I have to lose. It was a big hit with my family because they now request Eggs Benedict at least once a month for breakfast and sometimes dinner.

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Closet Cleaning

Do you ever have good intentions of cleaning out your closet? But only to wind up with it jammed packed because “You’ll probably wear all those shirts someday”?  I do that.

My closet cleaning escapade consists of 1) a mini fashion show (to make sure the clothes still fit of course), 2) rediscovering a ton of “really cute tops”, 3) exhausted and decide to do it another day.

So here’s the solution I found on Pinterest:

Turn all the hangers backward and wait 1 year! Sounds easy right?

(Photo courtesy of blog post:

Then as I wash & wear items, I’ll return with the hangers the normal way. Anything left with backward hangers after 1 year will be donated or consigned.  I’ll keep you posted!

Also, here’s a list of consignment and thrift shops in Bemidji that I’ve used:
Value Smart- South end of town
Twice but Nice- Downtown
Tk’z Clozet – Downtown
Secondhand Splendor- Downtown
Thrifty Kids- North of town by Simonson’s (baby, kids and maternity clothes)
Goodwill – Downtown
St. Phillips Clothing Depot- Central Bemidji

Favorite Photo Canvases

I really enjoy making canvases and over the past few years I have made several and wanted to be able to show a few of my favorites and explain some of the techniques that I used.

The chevron stripes behind the birds are much easier than they look. The best advice I can give is to paint a canvas white before starting if there will be any white left. Pencil marks erase much easier from areas that have been white rather than plain white canvas. I used painters tape to mark off the different areas and then painted every other stripe purple. Once it was dry, I drew the birds on with a pencil. I had looked up several different images online to base my drawings on. Then I painted black and I was done.

The first step was to paint the background pink and while it was drying I used a paper punch to punch out several different butterflies from different colored paper. Once the background was dry, I used hot glue to stick the butterflies to the canvas in the shape of a heart. Lastly, I used white paper to add the quote.

First, I painted one half pink and the other half white. Then I painted the chevron stripes alternating colors. Lastly added the anchor and the words on top.

When I started this project, I visited a used bookstore and found a book for 50 cents. When I got home I ripped out several pages and used mod podge to stick them to the canvas. Once they were all adhered to canvas, I put a layer of mod podge on top to seal the pages. I painted the tree on and then used hot glue to stick the buttons (leaves) on.

I had an old map in my car so that was inspiration for this canvas. First I cut the map to fit the size of canvas. I used mod podge on the back side of the map to stick the canvas. Once it was dry I put a layer on the top of the map. Then I used to a pencil to write out the words along with the arrow on the top and painted them on.

I started with covering the entire canvas with the striped paper with mod podge. Next I used stickers to write out the quote. Then I put several layers of yellow paint over the stickers and the paper. Yellow was a hard choice, because it was a lighter color. Once I had enough layers to cover up the strips, I peeled off the stickers to reveal the quote.