in the Kitchen with Chef Jeremy

In the fall issue of inMagazine, we interviewed Jeremy Farrand-Bogucki, who cooked and shared with us some of his fall recipes. Below is an additional recipe that wasn’t featured in the magazine.

Spiced Cider and Beet Bisque

Spiced Cider and Beet Bisque with sour cream_RGB

2 lbs. beets – cleaned, peeled, chopped (wear gloves)
1 quart of apple cider
1 c. yellow onion- diced
1/4 t. cinnamon
Pinch ginger dried
Pinch clove
Pinch nutmeg
1 T. kosher salt
1 T. vegetable oil

Sweat chopped onion in oil until translucent.
Add the rest of ingredients, bring to a boil, reduce heat and simmer until beets are tender.
Puree until smooth. Season to taste with salt. Garnish with Peppered Sour Cream.

Peppered Sour Cream
1 c. sour cream
1 t. black pepper
1 T. honey
Pinch kosher salt

Combine all ingredients.


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inStyle Profile with Julie Canty of Thrifty Kids

For the fall issue of inMagazine,we sat down Q&A style with Julie Canty, owner of Thrifty Kids, who shared with us her very wise, sweet, and often hilarious fashion advice. Below is the full interview and photos that weren’t featured in the magazine.


in: What’re you wearing today?

JC: I’ll be totally honest with you and tell you that everything I’m wearing, I got at my store except for my bra and my underwear and my hair tie and my jewelry. But I have on an extremely comfortable T-Shirt that my husband hates because he says it shows too much of my girls. I feel like with my size it’s easier to balance the body by showing a little bit more neck. It kind of throws off the hips a little bit so I like a lower cut top. It’s a silk, which is really nice when it gets hot. I’m wearing Silver jeans. They tend to have the better fit with a better cotton-denim blend and they don’t seem to stretch out as much as some of those other ones. Then I have on a pair of Aeropostale sandals that zip up the back.

in: Where do you shop?

JC: If I’m shopping for myself, I have a very limited fashion wardrobe at this moment because like most women my age after four kids you’re always aspiring to have a different figure so you don’t want to spend a lot of money. So I do tend to buy a lot of my clothes at Thrifty Kids. Primarily because I know it’s going to be good brands, good quality, no stains and great prices. If I am going to buy at a department store, I’m a go-to athletic wear person so I find there’s better sales at Penny’s. I love buying sweaters and some tops at Lucette’s here in town. I love buying accent pieces at Yellow Umbrella. I think that they’re both great stores. Shannon’s has some phenomenal scarves. So I do hit the boutiques here in town for certain pieces.  

in: If you had an unlimited amount of money to spend on one fashion-related thing, what would it be?

JC: Jewelry. Jewelry or accessories. If I could put that in one hole and call it accessories that that’s my unlimited money. I love accent pieces. I think they really hone in on styles.
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New paint, new look!

A few years ago, I took an old dresser that used to be my dad’s and updated it by painting the body white and the drawers different shades of pink. Recently I got the itch to paint the drawers once again, using paint that my parent’s had for their basement, it was a pretty cheap project.

The first photo shows the drawers before (sorry, it’s not the best photo) and the following three are pictures once the drawers are gray. Pretty simple change and I like the final product.

Into & Over

We found people on the streets of downtown Bemidji and in Diamond Point Park to ask them what they are into and what they are over. (This post is continued from the 2015 summer edition of inMagazine.) Let us know what you’re into and over in the comments!

Connie and Mary cmyk
Connie Ghostley (left) is into sorting, organization and spring cleaning. She’s also into music as she plays the violin in the Bemidji Symphony Orchestra. Connie is over knick-knacks after a lifetime of collecting them. She is pictured with her daughter, Mary Kelbs.
Reynold cmyk
Reynold Orchard was into his walk around Lake Bemidji. He was making a stop at Diamond Point Park for lunch. He was over work, as he had the day off.

Favorites from Paul Bunyan Playhouse patrons

By Laurie Swenson Swenson Laurie 2009

Special to inMagazine

(This post is continued from the 2015 summer edition of inMagazine.)

Laurie’s top five memorable plays: 

Forever Plaid, 2011: A spot-on ensemble, visually stunning, with wonderful music and four guys who worked together beautifully. Daniel Lundin’s transformation from paralyzing stage fright to over-the-top crooning in his rendition of “Cry” is probably my favorite Playhouse scene. You start out laughing at poor Jinx and end up blown away by how he brings it home. I’ve watched many YouTube videos of this, but have never seen a version that captures the full range that Daniel did. If I could have a video of any stage song, it would be this.


Dracula, 2010: An incredible performance by everyone. Matt Sciple as Renfield was brilliantly horrifying. It set the tone for the whole play, and I’ll never forget that character.

The Boys Next Door, 2010: An earnest and poignant look at the lives of mentally handicapped people in a group home, this play and everyone in it stole my heart forever.

Gypsy, 2010: This was my first look at the amazing Karen Wiese-Thompson, who was stunning as Rose, the desperate stage mom who sets her hopes on daughter Louise, played convincingly and poignantly by Kristen Husby. Paul Reyburn was wistfully adorable in this gripping tale as Herbie, who tries so earnestly to help.

The Full Monty, 2011: This was a delightful burlesque romp that brought out a lot of Bemidjians, lots of them ladies. It was a bold choice for the Playhouse, but the approach was so playful your grandma might have loved it.

Favorites from Playhouse patrons: 

Mitch Berntson mug shot
Mitch Berntson

“My favorite play at PBP would have to be the first one I ever saw there.  It was 1993, and two of my friends took me to see “Noises Off!” They knew the play, but I went in as a ‘virgin,’ not knowing what I was about to see. That show was all about such beautifully choreographed chaos and razor-sharp timing. Walking out at the end, I knew that I had to one day be a part of that. For me, that dream came true last year.” (Bernston played Frederick Fellowes in the PBT production of “Noises Off!” in 2014.)


Chuck Deeter
Chuck Deeter

“She Loves Me” (1991), in the Playhouse’s final season at Ruttger’s Birchmont Lodge. Deeter played the head waiter. “We had a great cast, we had a blast doing it, and I was the lead of my own scene. I played the head waiter with a haughty attitude and got to chase someone through a crowded restaurant. Fun stuff!”



Ernie Rall mug shot
Ernie Rall

“Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde” (2013): “In a word – AWESOME! The story’s adaptation by Jeffery Hatcher, the artistic direction by Zach Curtis, the lighting design by Grant Merges, and a top-notch cast of Randall J. Funk, Erin Mae Johnson, Joel Raney, Matt Sciple, Peter Simmons and Katherine Tieben-Holt will draw you in to the fast-paced drama. The staging with its lights, sounds and scenes of a tortured soul will have you on the edge of your seat. Aside from a fine production, the show is an experience! A MUST SEE!”

inStyle with Abby: Two Dollar Score

Capture instyle walmart

Aside from my dedicated thrift store routine, I have a method of hitting up the clearance racks at most retail stores. I go to my size and quickly flip through. Most of the time I don’t even find anything. But oh those glorious days when I do!

Step 1: Find clearance accessories first. Clearance accessories will take an outfit that you already have and transform it into a better or alternate version of the same look, giving it more life.

Right now is a great time to buy clearance scarves. Retailers think that we are all rearing to go for summer wardrobe shopping, however the reality is that its 30 degrees outside. (Jokes on them.) If you purchase a clearance scarf today, you will have time to wear it now, plus it will still be fashionable next Fall.
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