Reuben Sandwich w/ Thousand Island Dressing

I am not a fan of Corned Beef and cabbage but my husband has to have corned beef around St. Patrick’s Day. So this is a way to make both of us happy. I was surprised that my kids actually were willing to give this a try. Minus the sauerkraut, swish cheese and rye bread – they had to have sourdough bread and provolone cheese!
ReubenReuben Sandwich w/ Thousand Island Dressing
PREP: 15 minutes**            COOK: 5-10 minutes per sandwich**            SERVES: 4
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inStyle with Abby: Dress Mommy Outfit Challenge – Day 1

20150316_095230 DAY ONE


 A Little Background Information: About a month ago Bethany Wesley, the editor of inMagazine, forwarded a blog post to me that was written by Summer Bellessa of Babble, where she let her 3-year-old son, Rockwell, choose her outfits for five days. (Read that here.) The results are absolutely adorable!

After briefly chatting about how fun (scary) this challenge would be, we decided to just go for it and commit to FIVE days! Here’s our day 1!

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A recent Saturday morning, my boyfriend and I went to Glazed and Amused. I knew before we had arrived what I had wanted to paint.
Every time we visit a paint-your-own ceramics place, my mom seems to always pick a plate so I decided to do the same. I opted for a small square plate because I wanted to feature the state of Minnesota.
If I could go back and do it again, I would do just one thing differently – I would paint the entire plate white first, rather than painting between the stripes white.
It was a pretty simple process: First I taped over the stripes and then painted the un-taped areas pink. Once I removed the tape, I painted between the stripes white and drew the state of Minnesota on the plate with pencil. Next I painted the state blue and added the words “MN NICE” on the bottom left side.
It was a fun morning activity! A week or so later, we went back to get our creations! I posted the pictures below for you to see the process and the final result. Enjoy!

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inStyle Makeup Makeover

In our Spring 2015 issue of inMagazine, we covered a Makeup Makeover in our inStyle section. Check out the YouTube video our Committee Member, Maggi Stivers put together!   A huge “THANK YOU” to Salon Sashay owner Katie Guthrie for this exclusive!

No-Bake Lemon Layer Dessert

The original recipe was made using chocolate flavored Oreo cookies and chocolate pudding. I however have a child that does not like chocolate and loves anything lemon. So all I did was change the flavor of the cookies and the pudding. The rest of the recipe stays the same.
No Bake Lemon Layer Desert  1

No Bake Lemon Layer Dessert
PREP TIME:  15 min              COOK TIME: 4 hours              SERVES: Varies
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inStyle with Abby: Cheaper than a cup of coffee

Can you believe I bought this dress for 75 cents?? Me either! So here’s the story of my latest and greatest thrifting score:

75 CENT DRESSI stopped at St. Philips Clothing Depot on my lunch break one sunny afternoon. I had never been there before. I browsed the through the women’s and children’s clothing then the children’s toys, passing up a Dora the Explorer recliner chair for $4 (Don’t tell my daughter…she wouldn’t understand). Not being a usual dress wearer I checked out the dresses just because they were on sale. And to my surprise, I found this awesome black jersey dress that looked perfect for me. It didn’t have a price tag so I brought it up front. The nice lady told me it was 75¢! What? That’s too good to be true…but one problem – no cash.

So there I was, digging through the depths of a bottomless pit that I call a purse.  I finally mustered up the cash (did I mention the lady was super nice?) and away I went, learning a valuable lesson for the day – never rule out dresses…no wait…never say never…wait…always have cash!

Side note: I put together this outfit in a rush after trying on two others, I stood in mirror and really debated over it (like I really have time for that in the morning). I loved it but at the same time it seemed a bit crazy town. So I started wondering what everyone would think. But just then I remembered my favorite fashion quote:


Don’t you just want to be her? Boss.

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