Mollie’s ‘Cut for a Cause’

I was diagnosed with Breast Cancer May 1st of 2014, and soon I will be starting my chemotherapy treatments. I decided before I start chemo I would love to donate my hair to Pantene Beautiful Lengths. So last night my good friend Abby gave me a super fun pixie style haircut. Losing my hair will be tough…but knowing that it’s going to someone else who needs it makes me smile!

Here goes…


Tah dah! After:


Wow 10 inches lighter!

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My own ‘Cut for a Cause’

With all the buzz around the office during the creation of our Spring article ‘Cut for a Cause’ (written by Jillian Gandsey) a new impulse to donate my hair came over me. And for those of you that don’t know me that well, my hair is usually kept very long and rarely trimmed more than an inch at a time…I’m kinda a wimp about it.

However, the meaning of the story impacted me. I realized that, like many women in our community, I could be faced with the situation of not having hair at all. Plus, I wanted to prove to myself that generosity was more important than appearance. So, I felt compelled to do this.  I made an appointment to see my hairstylist.

Here goes… Before:

During: (got some highlights too)

Tah dah! After:

What a great feeling!. 10 inches lighter! (we went with the Pantene Beautiful Lengths program).

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Michelle’s business frames!

In the most recent issue of in magazine (available Tuesday March 11 for free at regional businesses!), the in style column featured eyeglasses makeovers for five people. We sat with professionals as they worked with client as they tried on new frames and learned simple tips to make selecting eyeglasses an easier process.

We met Marlys Rohde, who worked in the optical field for 32 years, and team members of the Sanford Bemidji Eye Center to help find the perfect frames. We also discovered some new uses and trends, including using glasses as fashion accessories, rather than just to improve one’s vision.

Michelle Dickey, an assistant manager at Christopher and Banks, is one of those people featured. In the most recent in magazine, Michelle selected two frames during the makeover.  Pictured on the left is Michelle’s business frames and on the right is her frame she selected to add bling to her look, which was featured in the magazine.

Maryls also explained that when people use frames as a fashion accessory they often purchase lenses with no prescription but they have them made into transition lens so they will lighten and darken according to the amount of light they are exposed to.

The frame that Michelle is wearing in the photo on the right is also a frame that Maryls owns. Over the years, Marlys has been able to build her own collection, which includes more than 30 pairs of glasses.

Cold weather = Pumpkin Spice Latte’s

As a member of the “In Magazine” committee, I’d like to say that we feel that connecting with local community members is vital to the success of “In.” We’re taking a fresh, energetic approach that will captivate our audience. By keeping the stories and contributions local, the DIY ideas, menu’s, financial tips and inspiring stories are truly genuine. You do not need to be in a large metropolis to purchase the items to create that special dinner. For a simple DIY project, you’ll be able to swing by your local home supply store and get that makeover you want to implement. We will be featuring items and ideas that are able to be carried out within most budgets. As always, we love feedback. Send us a message with any story ideas that you’d like to see featured in upcoming publications of “In Magazine.” In the meantime, relax and warm up with a pumpkin latte. The weather is definitely turning chillier these days!